Wednesday, December 19, 2007

for dio!

ah, dio kicked my ass into posting some new stuff ^.^

here's the dress (somehow i messed up the paint and had to remove it, and in the process the remover dissolved some of the sculpey... troubles never cease!! you can see where the folds on the arm USED to be... ugh):

if anyone wants to see syaoran and the making of him, go to my new tutorial on the pinky-street forums (gosh it took me FOREVER to do this tutorial today!! >_<):,9588.0.html

ohisashiburi neeeeee

ah, it's been a while. life gets in the way.

i was packing up some of my stuff moving and i had my modified bangs piece for shampoo on a table and i put something on top of it. smash. ruined. my taste for that project has soured due to this turn of events so i'm going to work on some other things before i continue.

on the ever-growing list of new and unfinished customs i've added syaoran from Tsubasa and Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere (game).
comparison shot:
i've changed some stuff since i took these pics, but will have to update them later. and because i HATE how this blog adds photos, i'll put the custom dress i made in a new post.