Friday, August 31, 2007

how many mistakes would a customizer make if a customizer could make mistakes?

Got some WIPs for y'all. working on shampoo from ranma again suddenly and am almost done. just need to finish the cuff on one leg, finish the hair backing, and touch-up the apron/skirt/bow. they all cracked due to my manhandling and also because sculpey firm just doesn't seem to stick to itself or the pinky at all (not like premo or epoxy). the hardness can also be a factor, i think it's more prone to break. i really like it, it's a shame it doesn't stick at all. it will be a problem in the future, and i'm already seeing the drawbacks now. different sculpey for different purposes, i suppose.

shampoo: (clickey her for a larger view. guess this blog won't let me post large images even though i am hosting them.)

she is going to be a clusterfuck of materials. super sculpey firm for bulk of apron, front hairpiece. epoxy for pants customization, super sculpey for her back hair piece (which i'm almost starting to regret). i really wanted to try super sculpey to give the pinky:st forum some feedback and to expand on my customs FAQ. i think i like premo more than super.

still need to get a gundam real touch marker for her eye makeup (shampoo usually wears purple shadow, and i'm anal, so she's going to have it).

there's something rather odd about sharing loads of custom secrets that you had to work really hard to get. i suppose it is talent as well, but when you just hand someone all the secrets that you had to learn through trial and error it feels a bit like cheating. though, i really hope it turns out that with what members learn they will contribute back and we will all be able to help each other. we'll see.

...and on to Nico Robin!:

this is the scecond front hair piece i've done for her, and i think i will be fine with this one being the final. i need to add some longer hair on the sides. still have no idea what legs to give her. wanted to give her arc's legs, but now i'm not so sure.

need to use my oyumaru. i was so excited to get it after tenshi told me its name, but i haven't at all. i think i'll go get some of that rubber-curing sculpey and throw it in the oyumaru and try to cast pucchi's headphones and see how it turns out. i need to cast tamae's head for nico robin anyhow. a dremel and airbrush are still on my wishlist *sigh.*

should have more progress this weekend, stay tuned.


Nae-chan said...

Your Shampoo is really cute, i'm eager to see her finished.

Khursten said...

Itachi! :3 Since you have access to materials, you might as well use the right thing for our oyumaru!

My Japanese friend recommended it to me as well and it's called "Mori mori"

It's a polyester putty which is thin enough to put in the oyumaru but hardens really well! Try it!