Monday, September 3, 2007

Adventures with new toys

Went to the art store this weekend, and guess what was on sale? Bake & Bend Sculpey. i've been dying to try it, it's a sculpey that is like rubber after baking. my idea was that it would make the ideal material to make parts to go on pinky's heads that need a little give (hair bands, headphones, etc).
i got all excited, cast a mold of pinky headphones with oyumaru, then stuffed some bake&bend in there. yea, didn't work so well, as bake&bend is a very smushy consistency. so i figured it would cure if i put it in hot/boiling water. nah, that didn't work. it either didn't cure all the way, or cured too much, as it got rather crumbly. i'll have to try again... how i do love new materials/toys!

in other news, i sprayed a new hairpiece i made with mr. surfacer. i felt like using the hairpiece in a photoshoot, so that's what i did to touch it up and man, i need to sand more. i based the hair piece off of a doodle i did at work. my friend says that her head looks HUUUGE with these hair pieces but i still think she's cute as a button! i still need to drill holes and put dowels in so that the pieces can 'lock' together. but, that might not be for a while because i'm lazy and want to finish shampoo. hairpieces are so easy to make, and they don't take that long so i always end up procrastinating and making bunches of them. one thing about this one that i'm pretty pleased with is that the front hairpiece overlaps the back piece. it looks nice, but doesn't make it very practical with other hairpieces. oh well! Still getting used to posting pictures here. the post-it looks odd, but hopefully the others will come through ok.
hopefully, i will be working on shampoo tomorrow, but i do need to get a bunch of art together for the convention coming up...
also! i did a bad coloring job, but it's art and it's pinky, so here: (clickey her for the proper size)
and also because i can't resist:
while i was picking up materials at the art store they were selling mini-easels and canvas. how can you not adore this? (again, clickey for larger image)

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T.S. said...

LOL! The headphone molds look like dentist teeth molds. BWA HA HA!

*pushes horse out of window for defying me*

NEIGH! THUD! *shakes it off and whinnies, then trots off*