Tuesday, September 4, 2007

too much

not that anyone would know this, but this blog got its name from a song by the Oohlas. very addicting song, it parades through my head at least twice a day.

annnyhow, i've decided to rip the shampoo backhair super sculpey off of the pk06 hair piece and smush it onto the new pk18's back hairpiece. well, when i get it in the mail. pk06's 'flip' at the bottom of the hair is giving me grief (as it's smashing into her ruffly sleeves). pk18's hair, in my personal opinion, is a customizer's dream. the bangs are super-flat so i can sculpt on top of them but retain my laziness by not needing to make hair pegs. the back hair is perfect as well, since it's smooth and doesn't have any lines i have to fill in. ooooh, i will be making molds of these... or just buying loads of pk18! (other than that, i'm less than thrilled with these new girls but oh well).

so, this will put production back a few weeks until i receive the new girl in question. so, in the meantime i suppose i will work on nico robin. or start a new project comepletely (that i will also never finish)! yay for procrastination! ever since i first picked up this manga i thought the two main girls would make the best pinkys ever. cute hair, adorable outfits. the manga in question is Sugar Sugar Rune. Chocolat has difficult hair because it's long and always flowing and flying everywhere, and she's got no bangs. Vanilla's hair is difficult because it's very floofy, short, and curly. my first play attempt:
sorry the picture sucks. needless to say, this was a failed attempt so i smushed it. it makes me all the more envious of sculptors like Bubba. i wish i could absorb some of that talent. though i always hope that if i get lessons or something my sculpture would improve. on Chocolat i will have to use wire to keep the hair in place, and possibly some new techniques.

wish me luck!

i will have to stop working on pinkys soon so i can lament my lame photoshop talents and color some art for MangaNext. *sigh*


T.S. said...

You're plenty talented! Don't ignore your uber-talent just because you are struggling with Pinky hair. The more you struggle, the more you learn. :-D

T.S. said...

More blogs!

T.S. said...

Again I say, MORE BLOGS!